Happy Valentine's Day

"Happy Valentine's Day" to everyone in the blog-o-sphere.

Some couples love it and embrace this day, while some couples hate it and think it is a Hallmark holiday.

I, for one, love Valentine's Day and embrace it.  As Blanche Devereaux once said, "it is the most romantic day of the year."  I totally agree with her! And this is coming from a pilot wife who often spends this day without her lover, so of all people I could be bitter about it...but, I am not.
I believe that life is short, as I listen to a Whitney Houston song that come on my iPad shuffle, so any day that calls for an excuse for celebration - celebrate it!  Just as Thanksgiving Day is one special day a year to celebrate what you are thankful for, and a birthday is one special day a year to celebrate the birth of someone...make Valentine's Day a special day to celebrate love. 

If you don't have a lover, spread love to: your mom, your dad, your siblings, your friends, the cashier at the store...get it? Spread the love on this day, of any and all days, most of all.  With all the hate and haters and hatred in hearts, spread the love around.  No, you don't have to make this day about expensive flowers or expensive dinners.  Make this day about making others happy...and loving one another!

And to the critics of this day who say "why do you need any ONE day to show love to someone" I say this:

Steve and I have a good relationship.  As a matter of fact, at a recent family event the weekend, someone rather distant in the family, who doesn't quite get the whole pilot thing, was commenting on how hard it must be for Steve to be away from home as often as he is.  Steve then started sharing how our relationship really does work because of his schedule.  He continued to say that the distance "keeps things fresh."  Steve said 'fresh.'  Being married to a pilot means that you have to shove all your lovin' into the short time your pilot is home, and you have to make up for all the time apart.  So, there is plenty of love and lovin' and happiness and romance between us.  So, no we don't necessarily need one special day to dedicate to love.  But, I still like celebrating this day, because I think it is a celebration of love.  

And to mark one extra special thing about today: Ben wrote his first word all by himself.  Here I am on the computer, while he is supposed to be sleeping. Instead, he was writing on his magna-doodle.  He called me up and said "look what I wrote":



My heart is full.  How fitting that today, of all days, he write this one word all my himself.   Just like a mother never forgets her child's first spoken word, I will not forget this first.

So, on this day, of all days: share the love - spread the love - celebrate love!


  1. I feel at home when I read this blog. The wife-of-my-youth knows nothing else than being a pilot's wife. Nine-to-five? What the hell is that? Christmas at home? How about Christmas at the Holiday Inn KDTW? Packing life into three days at home... A concept only we know. By the way, the comment you left on my blog was fricking excellent! Thanks!!!

  2. I can't believe I didn't respond to you?! I am glad you liked my comment on your blog :) I like how you word it "packing life into three days"...totally true!!! But, it keeps things "fresh" LOL


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