life on a post-it

See this?  It is a post-it that has topics to discuss with Steve.  You see, when he is in the air and I can't get a hold of him, I will write down quick items to discuss once he calls me. 

In this case, I have to talk to him about: mattress, car, book club Thursday, and library book 2/23.
  • We are now on mattress #2, and this one has imitated mattress #1 - it has popped a spring. It must be all the roughing around I do with my boyfriends when Steve is out of town.  
  • As for the car, Steve is sort of, starting to think about, maybe, just possibly, considering buying a new used car.  There is a new car that came into the inventory that I want to bring his attention to.  
  • I have booze book club on Thursday evening, so he has to watch the kids.
  • Steve's library book is due 2/23...or else it is $.10 a day in fees.

I am sure I am not the only pilot wife that keeps notes like this.  Sometimes there are just so many things to talk about and so little time to talk.  Or, when you actually speak to your pilot not everything comes to mind, so a lot of items get left out.  There are plenty of times when I will call Steve back five times, and each conversation begins with "sorry, I forgot to tell you that..."  You see, when you write it all down it will prevent the five extra phone calls.

No joke, here is how the post-it conversation went down with Steve, yesterday.  He arrived in PHX and called me.  Boy, was I ever prepared to talk to him.  I had just gotten a new cell phone, in hopes that my reception would be better, so when he called we were happy that my phone was good again.  And then it went bad again, stupid dead I told him "call the office"  and I hung up.  I am assuming he heard me. I waited a minute - no call.  So, I texted him "call the office."

Seven minutes later Steve texted me back.  Something about "going for a you later."

Once he finally called me back, I looked at my post-it.  I talked to him about the mattress.  And then we talked about the car in the inventory.  I was just about to address item #3...

"Hey, I am going to get something to eat and then I am going to sleep." He had to prepare for a red-eye.  And that was about the end of our conversation.

Bummer.  Oh well...the post-it still remains at my desk at work.  You bet I will check off all the items at some point...


  1. I need to start doing this. I forgot the things I need to talk to him about all the time and I always seem to remember when he's in a hotel and sleeping at a strange hour.

  2. Amazing! The wife-of-my-youth leaves me post it notes on the kitchen island. Because I am gone about 51% of our married life, this is an alternate way of communication, sort of like alternate flight laws in my aircraft.

  3. Amber, I also send him messages on Facebook when something pops up and I know he is sleeping. Anyway I can get a message to him...

    Captain Dave, your wife is onto something! I would be afraid that any post-its left out for him wouldn't get read in the shuffle of all the mail from the week.

  4. Ha, ha! I always thought I was being too clinical by jotting all the topics of conversation down on a post-it, but I gotta' say it does work, especially when you only get a few minutes to chat!

    1. yes, is does work! Glad I am not the only one :)


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