Happy 5th Birthday Ben

Ben turned 5-years-old today.  Happy Birthday to my little buddy...my best little guy around...I love you to pieces!

I posted his birth story on his third birthday.  Here it is.  For those pilot oriented people that read this blog, you may find his birth story interesting...Steve was actually on day 3 of a 4-day when I went into labor.  I know a lot of pilot wives, and I am sure pilots themselves, worry about missing the birth of their kids.  I can't say Steve was close to missing it, but there was definite drama in the mix.

Happy Birthday Ben!
Sto lat!

And some of my favorite pictures from the last year:
goofing around


best looking little pilot out there!

 at a Polish School performance

the light one evening was just gorgeous

After Ben's preschool graduation we went to a Hibachi grill.  I snapped this picture when the made the onion volcano...Ben ducked for cover, CC just didn't know what to do, and Steve was playing along with the drama.

Looking handsome in his new glasses

joining me in bed one night

cutie pie!

 who doesn't love spaghetti!

waiting for Daddy to come home one night


  1. Happy Birthday to Ben!

    It definitely makes me a little nervous for the day when we have kids... I sure hope my husband can get the day off. Hopefully he won't still be on reserve then ha.

    Time sure does fly. Enjoy Ben's birthday. (:

    1. Most pilots are home for the birth, so statistics are on your side!

  2. Sure is great to see your family's sports teams are in order. Love the Steelers blanket (and Woody Hayes costume from your other post)!

  3. Happy Birthday Ben!
    It is so much fun seeing them grow up.


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