Welcome 2013

Now that a new year is upon us, I want to take this time to look forward.  Start anew!

Live life.  Enjoy life.  Make every day count. 

Take in your surrounding...truly take it in.  Stop to hear a bird sing.  Stop to watch children play.  Stare out the window as the snow falls.  Sometimes it is the little things that can fill your heart.

Love your life.  You have many blessing.  Embrace what you have. 

Be thankful. 

Be the wife other men are envious of.  Be the husband other women are envious of.  Not in a mean spirited or competitive way, rather just strive to be your best.  Do your best at your role in your marriage, and only good will come from it.

Be the best parent you can be.  You are forming and shaping your child into the future of this world.  This is your highest job.  Excel at it.

Know and trust God. 

Give back.  This could be in terms of money or time.  Donate clothes to the needy.  Donate your time at a shelter.  Mow your neighbors grass when one of them just had surgery.  What you give will come back to you, in one way or another.  I promise.  Plus, doing a good dead fills your heart, and that feels good.

Eat your fruits and vegetables.  Feed your family fruits and vegetables.  You will fight off disease and sickness.  Cut out factory food.  You truly are what you eat.  Be nutritious, not a dud.

Love.  Hug your spouse and your children.  Tell them you love them. Maybe not everyday, but do it often enough so they know this, and seldom enough to where those three words warm their heart.

"Slow to anger.  Rich in kindness."  Our priest once said these words, and they have stuck with me for years.  Don't road-rage, let it pass.  Don't raise your voice out of frustration, talk gently.  The world needs more kindness, and it can start with you. 

Travel.  See the world.  Ok, maybe this is easy since we have travel perks.  But, if it isn't Europe, make it a road trip 2 hours away.  Travel teaches.  Travel opens your eyes.  Travel makes you a better person. 

I want to wish you all a very happy, healthy, fulfilling, and prosperous 2013. 


  1. Beautifully written.

  2. Wow. Excellent advice. Great words to read starting the new year.

    Nothing has been more fulfilling in my life than giving to the needy--not just $ but SERVICE. Serving at a shelter, teaching Sunday school, giving food to the homeless and needy. It just pays you back in spades!

    And yes, tell your kids you love them often! They may fidget and squirm with those hugs n affirmations, but guess what? They'll grow up with a quiet confidence in knowing they are secure and loved!

    1. Thank you.

      You are right, service is a very fulfilling.

      As for the affirmations, you are totally right on. I totally believe that when children feel the love at home, that is the basis for a lot of good things.


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