Disney Fantasy

Leading up to our Disney Cruise last year, I waxed myself at home.  (Pilot wives making things user friendly)

Leading up to the Disney Cruise, which was just a couple of weeks ago, I puked on the eve of our vacation....and Steve was working.

Is this a trend I am starting to see?

Despite Steve's best efforts to trip trade, his last pairing before vacation got him in the eve before we left.  We were planning on leaving on a Friday to get into Florida, and Steve was due home Thursday.  However loads were quite full, so we decided (on Monday, mind you) that we would leave Thursday night, overnight in a connecting hub, and then fly the last leg into Florida on Friday.

So, with this last minute schedule change, yet another vacation was happening where yours truly has to prepare everything in Steve's absence.  Although, I have to say at this point in the game, I have grown to expect this.  What I have not yet had to deal with was me vomiting while I had to prepare the house and ourselves for a 7-day cruise.  Ugh.

On Wednesday evening, I took the kids to Target to pick up the last little things (fun things for the plane, travel wrinkle spray, ect).  I figured, to make things easy, we would just eat dinner at Target.  The breadsticks sure did taste good, but boy did they not sit with me well.  When we got home, my sick feeling was elevating quickly.  The whole time I was feeling like shit, the kids were running around screaming their heads off.  I could barely move my body.  I was screaming at them, yes screaming (proud mom moment), that I was sick and they had to get themselves ready for bed.  Finally, around 7:30p, I was bent over the toilet.

At least that made me feel better.

I texted Steve that I just puked, and his response was something to the effect of "great...this is going to be a *great* vacation."

At this point in the game, I didn't know how sick I really was.  Was this one episode? Was this just the start? I was thinking it was the breadsticks, and praying it was over.  I also said a couple prayers that the kids wouldn't get sick.  Because that would really fuck things up.

The kids finally settled down, and eventually made it to bed.  Ben read Cecilia a book that evening...super cute!  I was feeling okay enough to get the rest of the packing done and the house straighten up enough for the evening.  I figured I would get good sleep, and wrap things up on Thursday.

Thankfully, I just had one episode of getting sick!  On Thursday morning I was still rather weak, so I figured that I would just leave work about 45 minutes early, get back to the house to do my final prep and then we would be off.  And that is how it went...I left work a bit early, got home to make the house look good, then I was off to pick the kids up at school.  Once I got the kids, we drove off to the airport to meet Steve, who finished up his trip about 30 minutes prior to our arrival.

I pulled up to the departures curb to meet Steve.  We unloaded the kids and bags, and Steve drove off to park the car while the kids and I checked in and made our way through security.

Steve met up with us after we waited for him in the terminal for about 5 minutes...and then I could finally start to relax.  I made it.  We made it!


Last year we cruised the Disney Wonder.  This year we cruised on the Disney Fantasy.  The Fantasy is bigger and newer than our last cruise.  Although, I am not saying bigger and newer is better...we actually prefer certain aspects of the Wonder over the Fantasy.  The kids "club" and "lab" were just outstanding on the Fantasy.  The ship was outstanding.  I couldn't recommend the cruise enough!

Here are some pictures of our trip:

Captain Benjamin! 

view from one of the adult bars

formal night

class on paper airline making?
You betcha!

Delta arrival
St. Maarten 

here comes the big one!
St. Maarten

the most perfect picture ever taken
I am awesome.
Although the back story of this picture is hilarious...
perhaps my next blog post.

Pirate night. Argh!

Pirate night. Argh!

Flight simulator game? Of course he had to
give it a whirl.
lounging my the pool with my cocktail in hand
Disney allows you to bring on a bottle, so with a little mixer
the Moms and Dads are happy.

Donald pool

Disney's Private Island, with Minnie

Enjoying the sun

Poor thing had a stomach flu the last night of the cruise
(perhaps I gave it to her?)
thankfully it started to end when we got to the airport.
She napped like this for 2 hours! 

Name that airport.
Ben was "driving" the train.
And I was carrying a barf bag. 

Disney Fantasy 2014


  1. Airport is Orlando. Did you guys spend time at Disney World too?

    1. Right on!

      We didn't spent time at WDW...I think next year we very well may. We may do a 5-day cruise (much cheaper) and tack on 2-3 days at the park.

  2. We've been thinking about doing a Disney Cruise but we don't have kids, so were thinking maybe we should wait until we can take our nephew?!

    1. I think if it were just an adult couple, cruise on another line on one of those mega ships. The adult only parts on Disney are awesome, but you get a family vibe...whereas on another line (we like RCL) you get a more party vibe.

      Your nephew would LOVE it!

  3. Thanks! We love RCL and Celebrity!

  4. Keep your blogs coming! :)

  5. I LOVE your hot pink swimsuit! May I ask where you got it? I have a lot of trouble with one-piece suits not being long enough since I am tall but I know you are too! Thank you!
    Glad you had a nice family vacation - you deserve it! :)

    1. Thanks! Old Navy - got it last year. I just checked, and they only have 4 one-piece suits...last year they had a ton. Perhaps more will come out come Spring? It was a max control suit, or something like that. Aside from it being a little bare in the bum area (I like full coverage on my bum) it is a great suit!

  6. Hi you're so hot in that bathing suit outfit, hope Steve realizes the chance he has !

    1. Thanks! I read Steve your comment, and his response was that he knows how good he has it ;-) I am a lucky girl :)

    2. Ok then that's great I'm happy for you guys ! ;)
      I've followed your blog for quite some time, I must say I love and enjoy reading your posts, it's well written and always interesting, plus I love aviation and planes. Thank you !


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