Words left unspoken

I went out over the weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday.

The party started at a hotel.  We had a couple of drinks in us when the "entertainment" showed up.   Let me set the record straight...he was nothing spectacular, so please don't think it was anything more than what it really was.  He was high as a kite and nothing much to look at.  Ok, so he worked out and had some muscle, which is good.  But, he was short.  I am 6'1"...so short man don't really make my head turn...nor do men that are high.  Oh wait, I already mentioned that.  

As he was gathering his tips we headed out to the limo, we couldn't get out of there fast enough, which took us to a bar/club.  I do have to mention, Steve did come up on the limo ride out, as he is the only husband in the group who wears a uniform to work.  All the ladies agreed that Steve should have shown up in his pilot uniform!  Now, that would have been a blast!

While at the club we danced the night away.  We were having a great time.  And in typical Joanna fashion I started talking to a table of four guys.  Their table was by our "camp" so naturally I started to talk to them.  Anyway, turns out the four were lawyers.  Turns out that one became somewhat fond of me...and let it be know that I made it VERY clear that I was happily married and had kids.  Just because I was making conversation doesn't mean I was hitting on them...too bad the one thought otherwise.  After a bit, he most definitely wore out his welcome.  Which lead to my tweet towards the end of the night: At a club...no occupation impresses me more than an airline pilot

The night ended with me drifting off to sleep next to the birthday girl...thankful that I started drinking water when I did...

Sunday was a very slow day for me.  After I had some coffee and showered, I left the hotel and picked up some donuts for the kids.  I walked into the house, and Steve made sure to take care of me...and give me ample rest time.  My body just doesn't handle a night out like that very well.  I wasn't hungover, per say, just off...I just felt off.  My legs hurt. My back hurt.  I haven't danced that much in years.  I was starting to get a cold.  Having said all that, when nighttime fell I was not able to give Steve his proper send off before his next trip.

The reason I share the above details with you is simple: being around what I was around on Saturday, and the attention I got at home on Sunday, made me appreciate what I have all that much more!  And since I wasn't able to get my love tank filled on Sunday night (my love language is physical touch), Steve left for his trip Monday morning and I missed him right away.


Come Tuesday about 9:30 at night, and I looked over to see an empty chair.  Steve usually sits in that chair when he is home and we are relaxing at night.

I missed him.

A lot.

I wished he were home...

At that exact moment, he was in Vegas sleeping for a redeye.  I knew better than to text him.  I thought about putting a message on his facebook, but was afraid to be all ooey-gooey lovey-dovey on his page...he is almost 40-years-old for goodness sake.  Some people would find a lovely message from me to him to be about as classy as the 50-year-old couple sucking face at the club the other night.  For goodness sake, take your girl out for a nice dinner and get a hotel room! 

The next morning when I woke, I still missed him.  I wanted to text him, but I still wasn't able to call him. You see, this time he was sleeping off his redeye.

Words were left unspoken...

Words left unspoken happens a lot.  I will get these thoughts in my head and want to share them with Steve.  Who doesn't want to hear the words "I love you" or "I miss you."  But logistics stop me...of course his sleep comes before a text or phone call.

Words left unspoken...