I often do laundry at night.  Well, I will start a load throughout the day, but come 10p and I have the "oh shit, I need to take the load out of the washer" moment.

So, there I was one night about 10p in our laundry room.  Our laundry/mudroom is right off our garage.  Before I started the chore of hanging up the laundry, I peeked into the garage so that I could make sure the garage door was down.  You know, because I didn't want any boogie-monster to come and attack me.

As I looked into the garage, yup garage door shut, I made the mental note that I really like my new car.

I turned off the light, closed the door, and then started on the laundry.  As I was hanging the clothes I couldn't help but think about how thankful I was to have a new car.  And it wasn't thankfulness due to getting rid of my always-in-the-shop Buick.  Rather, I was thankful that we were able to afford what I wanted.  I was thankful that money didn't dictate our decision to get rid of my old car after owning it for only 2 years.  I was thankful that my husband wanted me to be happy, and that our jobs afford us to be happy.  My old car really caused stress for me, so to break free from it was really good.  I hate stress. I hate drama.  I like my life easy and simple.  This new car was a symbol of no stress and no drama.

When I do laundry late at night like this, I often have these deep thoughts.  The house is quiet.  Steve is gone and the kids are asleep.  It is dark outside. I am growing tired from the day.  All of this creates the perfect equation for these thoughts.

My thoughts pressed on to how happy I am with life...with my life...with our life.  It has taken a lot for Steve to get where he is today.  He worked hard at it. He deserves to be where he is today.  Luck has surely helped along the way, because success sometimes happens when luck is thrown into the mix...being at the right place at the right time...knowing the right people.  Being where he is today has really benefited our family.  Our family life is full.  We don't really worry about money, and not having that stress is such a wonderful thing.

My thoughts continued to my role in the mix.  Even though I am not the breadwinner, I still contribute significantly to our finances, all the while being able to be a Mom first and foremost.  Being a mother is my #1 priority right now.  I am very grateful to be in the work situation where I am now, with working reduced hours in a day.  These reduced days means that I get the kids on the bus in the morning, and get the kids off the bus in the afternoon. When our oldest started K, I had it set in my head that I would be home in the mornings and afternoons for the kids.  With Steve being gone every week, I felt the pull to be home for the kids, since I am their constant.  Not to mention, daycare had been part of our lives for the last eight years, so I am happy to see that phase of our life over.

When the basic foundations are set right in your life, as they are with us, I really can sense this gratitude I have for my life.  Now don't think my gratitude comes only from jobs and money, because that certainly isn't the case.  I am grateful for so much in my life, ranging from the love I have for my husband and children, to the health of my husband and children.  The list goes on and on,  The topic of my blog posts are usually inspired from an event, and the event that inspired this blog just happened to be gratitude towards my new car, hence my talk about jobs and money.

I think having this gratitude is so important in life, since it makes you appreciate what you do have.  And, in a pilot wife's case, gratitude can also help you through a hard time, like your husband having to work a holiday.  Yes, Steve has to work Thanksgiving this year and it sucks (I don't think him working a holiday will ever be easy) but I am thankful that he has a job and is working.

Sometimes it isn't always easy to find gratitude, but it is important to realize the good you have in your life.  And when you do realize the good you have in your life, you will be happy and set with the right attitude to tackle anything that comes your way and enjoy your life to the fullest!

** as a total side, I can't believe it has been 2 months since my last blog post!  I have about 2 posts in the editing stages, and I seem to never find the time to finish and post my blogs.  Not to mention, the transition from the summer to school is always hard on me and that stole time away from blogging.  I hope it isn't another 2 months before I post again, and it really shouldn't be.


  1. I found your blog doing a search on "flight 191" and am enjoying your stories and recipes. 27 years here as a Commercial Airline pilot//APD (your husband will know that term) before I left to do something that allowed me to be home more, just "Grandma" for a while and not "Captain". I would do it all again. My best to you and your family. Author LB Johnson - Chicago IL

  2. My ex boss was on that flight 191 in the 80s. Today I am married to a pilot.... Anxiety residual ? Possibly.

  3. Great post, stumbled across this while I was googling. My wife and I really appreciate flying so we were amazed with your blog. Flying is a wonderful thing and I just wish we could do more of it. The world is really small and connected since we have had air travel. Makes life so much easier. Great blog thanks again.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware


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