For the good while now I would joke that Steve was sleeping with someone in crew scheduling. He was getting really good schedules. Like, "pinch me this can't be real" good. We have grown accustomed to a nice schedule. However, we knew that wouldn't last forever. And, we were right - his schedule for March and April was less than ideal.

Steve worked two Sundays in March. He will be working two Sundays in April. I hate when Steve works on Sunday. Sunday is a family day, not a work day. Not to mention, I work Monday - Friday. The kids are in school Monday - Friday. See where I am headed with this? We haven't been getting as much time with Steve as we have in the past. Our routine is slowly becoming disrupted.

Ok, so we have Steve working a couple Sundays. Why don't we add an overnight camp to the mix to disrupt things even further. In early April, Steve and Cici went to an overnight camp for two nights. They left on Friday and got home Sunday. They had a really good time, and it was great bonding time for the two of them. Great for them, but not for family time...nor for Joanna and Steve time.

Working Sundays, and an overnight camp - what else can we add to the mix? House guests.

Steve was home for Easter, which was awesome! But, family was with us for 3 nights over Easter weekend. Know what that means? No time for filing my love tank. Oh, and to add one more poker to the fire...although we had house guests for 3 nights over Easter, Steve was actually home 4 nights. He got in Thursday evening before Easter, and our guests were arriving Friday. Awesome! One night alone! One might guess what was on the table that Thursday night. Nope...didn't happen. Guess who cock-blocked me? That's right, my period. 2 fucking hours after he got home it came. I knew it was coming, too. I was praying it would hold off until the morning. Talk about cruel, fucked up timing. Cruel. Very, very cruel.

Oh wait...there's one more thing to add to the mix. Yes, I'm serious. More house guests! It's like we couldn't get a break. We were to have house guests for 3 more nights the week after Easter, exactly the evenings when Steve was home after his post-Easter trip. This sure did put a damper on any opportunity to fill my love tank, thus pushing us into a 2 week point of having no alone time. Cruel. Very, very cruel. This is when one has to resort to creative locations for sex, so that said house guests don't hear you through the adjoining bedroom wall.

All I want is normalcy right now, and this past weekend we finally got it! All the Easter leftovers and crap food is out of our house. Back to our normal diet. Back to our normal home. Our son even made the comment that it is nice to have the house back to ourselves...yes,the kids were feeling it, too.

I need to add the disclaimer that I know that we are making memories with all these activities and house guests, and I am truly grateful for that. I agreed to all the activities and house guests because it is the right thing to do. But, when these activities and house guests come at you rapid fire, especially after already missing your pilot because he hasn't been home for a full weekend, it just adds up.

I really dig Steve, and I crave our time together, so when I don't get that time it wears on me.  Our time together is already shortened because he is on the road so much. So, it can really suck when we don't get our time together. As a matter of fact, he actually turned down drinks with the guys last night because he wanted a normal Sunday night with me. It was nice to have a normal Sunday night.

Pilot wives are good with going with the flow, and typically I am. We are an adaptable bunch. But for the last couple of months we have been out of sync with our normal schedule, so getting back to normal is incredibly refreshing. Steve got his May schedule, and he isn't working weekends! I am very, very happy about this. Now, if we could just keep our house guests at bay...