Friday Thoughts

I'm going to try something new. There are so many thoughts that always swim through my head throughout the week, but none of the thoughts are full enough, if you will, for an actual blog post. So, in an effort to get these thoughts out, engage readers, and keep my blog more active I want to publish a weekly blog post called "Friday Thoughts." It's gonna be short and sweet, but I hope you all like it. It will keep with the pilot wife theme, to stay consistent. And it really will show everyone how this isn't just a job, but actually a lifestyle.

Here goes...

Back to school. The kids were back three days last week and a full week this week. Structure is good. I have a sense that this year will be a great year. Steve was home Monday - Wednesday which was very nice to help with the transition to this full week.

Speaking of Steve being home, I got some shit done this week because of this. I got my hair done (without having to take the kids). And my stylist used a new product on my it!! It is MoroccanOil Beach Wave Mousse. I have long and thick and wavy hair, and it's all sort of awesome.  After my hair appointment, I  went out to a long overdue dinner with friends that I don't see nearly enough. I had another dinner planned with another friend on Wednesday, but we had to cancel. A friend at work commented about I looked cute that day. "Thanks, I'm meeting a friend for dinner." She then remarked on how social I was being this week, and my response was "because I have a husband to take care of the kids this week." Truth. When he's home like this, mama's gonna play!

Steve left for a trip Thursday morning. It's just a 2-day. I got mad at him Wednesday night. Not a fight necessarily, just me being displeased about something. Yes, there are some things that I can keep private so I'm not going to go into full detail. Space is good, but at the same time it always sucks to be displeased when he is on the road. Your mind wonders into that space of "what if he has an incident? The first question will be "are you fighting with your spouse?"" It sucks to be upset with your pilot when he is on the road.

We are thinking about getting a boat. This boat will be nice and spacious and not cheap. We would spend any free time up at the lake. I worry that Steve will grow tired of always being gone in the summer. Say he works Monday - Thursday. Then we are at the lake Friday - Sunday. Will he hate it? Will this expensive purchase go unused?

My co-worker is taking his family out to dinner tonight. I actually had to stop and think about the last time we went out to dinner as a family. It happened to be about 2 weeks ago, while up at the lake. I hadn't done my typical food prep stuff, so come Sunday afternoon we were hungry. We ended up at a sweet little spot, with a great outdoor patio, that was dog friendly so that Niko could join us.
having a water loving dog is the best!
Yes, he can swim, but just like our kiddos, he, too, wears a life preserver
The conversation with my co-worker continued about the fact that I have to balance  eating out when Steve is home with cooking at home. The last thing Steve wants is to eat out at yet another restaurant. He wants to be home. He wants me to cook. Sometimes it sucks, especially if I want to take a load off, but that is where take-out comes in handy. For the record, Steve will be coming home to beef stroganoff tonight, which is one of my best recipes. 

I was called for Jury Duty this week. Our county is awesome, and very efficient with time. Instead of actually going to the courthouse every day, I have to call in the day before to see if my colored paper and number need to report at the courthouse. The beginning of the week would have worked out just fine if I had to report, because Steve was home. But, on Thursday and Friday he was gone. Thankfully, I didn't have to report at all this week, but I certainly had my plan B and plan C and plan D swimming around in my head in the event that I was called in...and then if I actually had to sit on a jury. This is just one of the joys of being a pilot wife - always trying to figure plans out for you and the kids without being able to rely on your husband. For what it is worth, I once sat jury duty. Civil case. Car accident. It lasted 2 days. I loved it. Like, totally loved the entire experience. It was very interesting and eye opening. So, I actually have a very favorable thought about jury duty.

Lastly, Ben got picked up this morning on the school bus. As typical, I wave a "thank you" to the bus driver as Ben gets on. Ben had the same driver last year. Well, this morning I did my typical wave, and the driver called in to the bus. Uh oh! Ben is a good kid, so I figured it wasn't about something he did, because Ben would have been the one to tell me first (he is like that.) "Is your husband a pilot?" he asked. "He is...." And then we got to talking. Turns out he was an '85 hire for the same company. CA out of our base for about 5 years. He was forced to retire at 60. His wife was a FA for 51 years. At least now I know what theme to stick to for his Christmas present.

Have a good weekend, y'all!