Friday Thoughts

Steve got home last Friday night from a 2-day. I told y'all that I was going to serve beef strogonoff. Nope. I didn't have time for that. We had a birthday party that ran too long. So, thank heavens for our awesome grocery store that has awesome prepared foods. They certainly came to the rescue, and Steve had a good meal to come home to. I think it's the Polish in me that makes me like this. 


I'm a Golden Girls fan. I mean, I love them. I may even have an 8x10 photograph of the ladies stored away. I know every episode. I know nearly all the best lines. The show reminds me of my grandmother. I would watch the show on the console tv that was in her upstairs bedroom. I believe Sex in the City was the next generation of Golden Girls. And I'm convinced that Frankie and Grace is the Golden Girls of this generation. I love all these shows.

Anytime Sex in the City is on, I watch. E! is currently airing the second Sex in the City movie. In the wee hours of Friday night/Saturday morning I was watching the movie, while Steve was sleeping soundly next to me. At one point during the movie Carrie goes to her old apartment to write. She has an article due in a couple days and she needed to write without distraction. At the end of day 2, Big picks her up and they head out to dinner. But not before they kiss passionately in the car upon greeting one another. That night was so great that Big proposes that they give one another that 2-day break every week so that they can have that great feeling of reconnection every week. I feel asleep at some point, so I don't know (and don't remember from previous viewings) if they actually do keep with a 2-day break every week.

While these scene and discussions were playing out, I kept thinking to myself that I live this life every week. Steve and I do have a break from one another every week. This is the life of a pilot wife. And I do understand how absence makes the heart grow fonder. I understand how reuniting can be fiery. And I do understand how it is nice to have my time to do my things. Funny how some of Carrie's friends looked down upon the proposal. "I want to sleep every night next to my husband." Yeah, not happening when married to a pilot.

Cici and I went shopping on Sunday. Why is it that I get Steve any and every t-shirt that has some nod to aviation?

Steve is home this Labor Day weekend. I joke, but given the industry stereotypes I probably need to stop, that he is sleeping with someone in crew scheduling. Every once in a while he gets a schedule that is totally dreamy...totally 'pinch me this is too good to be true.' He must have an inside connection to get a schedule so good. He is off the entire weekend! This makes me happy. We can act like a normal family this long weekend.

The hurricane in Houston is just so devastating. Steve and I gave thought of moving a couple years ago, and Houston was on our radar. I can't help but think that perhaps we would have been needing to cope with the destruction.

Despite all the bad, it is important to look at the good. So many people helping their fellow neighbor - this is what human nature help one another.

This Bored Panda photo display is remarkable. As I looked at all the photos and videos this past week, I kept tearing up. The awesome display of helping thy neighbor was/is in full force, and it is something amazing to watch.

FWIW, Steve's pairing didn't chang this week, but on nearly every leg he has had a new captain. And my new friend, Ben's school bus driver, asks me everyday about how operations in Houston are going. I'm happy to talk shop with him, as much as I can.


On Monday, after school, we went to the pool. No one was there, and it was awesome. I wrote in my book (65K words!!) while Steve was playing catch with the kids. I appreciate the times we can spend as a normal family. It's true! When I don't have Steve around all that much, it makes me appreciate the time he is home that much more. For some fun, I took some slow motion videos of Steve and the kids. For your viewing pleasure...
Funny jumps off the side of the pool. 
Sometimes I am surprised that Steve's 42-year-old ass can still bend like that.


If you follow my blog you know that I love the 5 Love Languages. As it turns out, Gary Chapman, the author of the books, is speaking at my Aunt's church. She told me about this months ago, and I was all about it. "Yes, let's go together."

As it turns out, it isn't just some 2 hour seminar, as I thought. It is more a six hour retreat of be attended by both you and your spouse. I have to chuckle to myself about the whole I was wanting to go to a marriage seminar without my husband. Call it being conditioned. Since I am without him more than half the week, I am used to doing things on my own. Such is the life of a pilot wife.

Enjoy your weekend!