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I am a bargain hunter. I totally get off on a good deal. The best deal to date is the awesome peacock rug in our dining room. It retailed for about $1,000, and I got it for $189 at the Frontgate outlet store. I still, obviously, talk about how awesome that deal was.

Well, this weekend I scored a near awesome deal. My Mom was in town to watch the kiddos while Steve and I had an event. On Saturday, after our event was over, she and I went shopping. My nephew needed new shoes, which took us to Bass. As typical, I always look to add things to Steve wardrobe...if the deal is good enough.

I found a pair of shoes marked at $49.99. The store was closing, so there was an additional 20% off the shoes. Steve hadn't told me he needed new shoes for his uniform, but if the deal is good enough I will buy anything. The shoes were originally $130, and I figured $39.99 was a good price for leather work shoes. When I made my way up to the cashier, they rang up at $24.99...with an additional 20% off. My jaw actually dropped when I was told the final price. I walked out of there paying about $22 for Steve's new shoes.

I'm awesome.


This has nothing to do with being a pilot wife, but rather a woman who is always looking for nutritious recipes for my family.  On Saturday morning, while Steve and I were gone, my Mom treated the kids to breakfast out. While in town, they stopped at the farmers market. She bought me two beautiful heads of cauliflower. I prepared one head on Sunday night for dinner.

It was the easiest of recipes, and my kiddos actually ate their entire dinner...without complaints!! I mean, it is rare to try a recipe for the first time without some comment from the kiddos about how "it looks gross" or "I'm not eating that."

I sauteed the chopped cauliflower in olive oil, salt, pepper, and an all-purpose seasoning that I got at a local shop. I added cooked organic pasta, and a good portion of Parmesan cheese. Done. That simple, and really good. It's totally going in my recipe rotation.


As parents we are exposed to smells that could kill a small animal. When the kiddos are babies you have to deal with blow out diapers...gagging while cleaning up the mess. Oh, and of course there is the vomit that sprays into your hair...that's a fun one. 

Well, on Monday night I discovered a new smell that ranks right up there with the best - or would it be worst? Smooched banana in a school lunch bag that had been "baking" for hours on end. Yeah, nasty! I packed Cici a banana for an after school snack, which was to be eaten before her soccer practice. Apparently the thing exploded after lunchtime, and then it sat in her lunch bag until we got home from dinner around 7:30p.

As I was cleaning the lunch bag I was thinking to myself that I didn't think a banana could get so nasty. And then my mind wondered to the other foods exploding story from our household - and bare with me because it actually does link back to the whole pilot thing.

About 2 years ago Ben got off the school bus with a large black plastic garage bag. Well, that's peculiar. As he approached me in the driveway, the smell started to hit me. Here's how to story goes: Ben had a carton of milk that he left in his backpack for weeks. Yes, weeks! He forgot about it. That morning on the way to school, he sat in his seat with his backpack on his back. The pressure of him against the back of the seat, combined with the right pressure of rotting milk inside the carton, caused the milk to explode. Rancid milk went everywhere. Ben claims a kid puked from the smell, but that story has not been confirmed.

It was horrible. The worst smell I think I every smelled in my life. And, the smell was over everything! Yuck. I ended up washing the backpack twice, and the smell remained. My last effort was to wash the backpack with bleach, and that did the trick. All was well by the end of the day.

Fast forward about six months to our annual winter Disney cruise. We made our way down to Florida with no problem. But, on the way back Ben was tagged in TSA. They pulled him aside, and I was sure to follow, Mama Bear style. His backpack was the item that was being tagged, so they investigated it. They started by removing the contents: stuffed animal, blanket, coloring book, book, a game of Spot It. Then they started swabbing the bag. There was obviously something going on, so much so that a supervisor was called over.

They identified Steve as the father, and asked him to come over. To note, Steve was dressed in regular clothing, and his badge was under his shirt. There was no way to tell that he was an airline employee, let alone a pilot. At one point my mom, who was traveling with us, was like, "why don't you tell them Steve is a pilot." We didn't go there...they have procedure to follow, and obviously there was nothing we were hiding. We were just as confused as the next person as to why Ben's bag was being tagged. 

They patted Steve down, being Ben's father, and even ran their hand around Steve's waistline. The irony in the situation was airline pilot being patted down because his son's bag is showing some chemical in the swab test.  Again with nothing to hid, we checked out okay and they sent us on our way. The whole thing took about 10 minutes. 

As we were discussing the event on the way to our gate, we kept asking ourselves what could have triggered the positive reading. We went over this, and that. And then it dawned on me...the bleach from the exploding milk carton!

Mystery solved.

Needless to say, Ben doesn't travel with that backpack anymore.


I woke up Wednesday morning, after a nightmare that I was about to take a flight without my Avitan, feeling like a million bucks. Ben joined me and Niko for our morning walk, and as the morning progressed I could tell it was going to be a good day. I had a lot of wind in my sails, and knew I would accomplish a lot throughout the day.

Wanna know why I felt so good? Sleep!

Steve flew out Tuesday afternoon, with his new shoes on I might add. I was surprised he was wearing them so soon - he doesn't get excited about things like I do.
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The kids and I had a busy Tuesday evening, but thankfully they were in bed around the normal time of 8:30-8:45p, And guess who crawled into bed around that same time. You guessed right. I played around on social media a bit, then started up my latest find on Netflix, Atypical. Before I knew it, I woke up in some wee-hour of the morning with the tv still on. Netflix probably played through the entire series while I was soundly sleeping. I must had fallen asleep around 9:45p.

I didn't go to bed Monday night until past midnight, if not even closer to 1am. This happens often when Steve is home...I don't go to bed when I should. Perhaps we are watching some show - we are into Ray Donovan now (he is totally my dream guy right now) and Ozark (Jason Bateman isn't too bad to look at either). Or, perhaps we are doing "other things" that may keep a couple up late...and ladies you know how that both are all finished up and your partner falls fast asleep and you stay wide awake, which was the case Monday night, me clicking through the tv channels...

When Steve is gone, it is actually a chance for me to catch up on sleep. I crawl into bed around 9, watch whatever fits the bill that evening, or sometimes I write, and then it's lights out at a decent time.

I hope you all have a nice weekend!


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