Friday Thoughts

Ben eats an egg burrito every morning for breakfast. 2 scrambled eggs and a schmear of cream cheese on a warmed flour tortilla. Last Friday morning I placed a pan on the stove, lit the gas and turned it to low. I heard Ben screaming upstairs. Like one of those "drop everything you are doing and!" screams. Did the dog hurt him? Did he hurt himself? I ran upstairs. I saw him on the floor in front of his fish tank. "Ben, what's wrong?"

"John died!" he screamed out, tears pouring down his face.
"Are you sure?" We had a false alarm before.
"Yes, I touched him, and he's dead," he screamed.

I ran downstairs to turn off the stove, and ran back upstairs to comfort Ben. Poor kiddo. It was such a tough morning. Ben cried all throughout breakfast. I made sure he took a hankie and wipes for his glasses to school. I figured tears were bound to come at some point. I also sent a note in to his teacher, since he was sure to be out of sorts.

Steve was on the west coast when all this went down. But, I knew he was going to be awake. His "go" was crazy early. I texted him and despite my phone showing it delivered, Steve never responded. He told me he didn't get the text until after his first leg. I had to manage our 10-year-old in crisis alone...such is the life of a pilot wife.

We buried John once we got home from school and work. We shared memories. We said a prayers. We cried. Well, Cici didn't cry. At the end of our little service, Ben muttered through his tears, "may John rest in peace."


Steve was home throughout all of Labor Day weekend. It was awesome. The weekend was perfect. We had enough activities to keep us busy, but still with enough down time to be relaxing.

Friday night the kids has Polish dancing practice. Saturday we attended a party for friends...he just finished his rounds of chemo for colon cancer. It was a party to celebrate him, and we had a very nice time. Sunday the kids danced at a local Octoberfest. It was a really nice time.

The night ended around a campfire with good friends.

Monday morning was a bit rough, and Steve, the kids, and I brainstormed plans for the day. The airshow was going on. That was on the kids and my see, we haven't gone in years...because we only go with Steve and he is typically working. Steve, on the other hand, wanted to go to our town's local festival....which is something the kids and I do every Labor Day weekend since it is something easy to do when Steve isn't home.

Steve ultimately won the argument of no air show because he is around planes all the time, and the last thing he wants to do on a day off is spend more time around more planes. So, we just went to the pool. We had a nice lunch, drank some cold beers, talked with some great people, and said goodbye to summer.


Steve was home this entire week. Every once in a blue moon this will happen, and this week came at a great time. I was able to attend a meeting on Tuesday evening without worry of the kids. In addition, Steve took Ben to his annual eye MD appointment. This was the best since I didn't have to take off work.

We had dinner as a family of four every night. We took evening walks as a family. I slept next to a warm body every night this week. The laundry is all caught up.

In addition to all the awesomeness that comes with Steve being home, it can also stink not to have my typical Joanna time. I have been going to bed late, and I hate crawling out of our warm bed in the morning when Steve is sleeping peacefully. I hate that he plays music from the phone in his pocket when putting away laundry (this gets me as much as listening to an AM radio station...I have a thing about certain sounds). And the kicker was the fact that he picked Cici up late from dance class on night. He thought she was to be picked up at 6:30, so he was sitting next door drinking a beer, passing time. Cici called me and asked "where's Daddy?" I don't see red often, but I certainly did around this situation.

Wednesday night Steve and Ben finished a Wright Bros model airplane

I didn't know that they flew the plane backwards. Well, backwards from what I think of. I see prop planes pull, where their plane pushed. Obviously, their design was intentional, but I just always misinterpreted what I saw. You learn something new every day...

What did I say about getting any and every shirt that has a nod to aviation?

Happy Friday y'all. Cheers to the freakin' weekend.