Your love language

I just read The Five Love Languages. What is my love language? Physical Touch. Now, let's not be dirty here. Physical touch can be as simple as laying a hand on a shoulder or holding hands. In order for me to feel loved I need that physical touch.

So, what is the problem with that? The person I need to physically touch me is gone all the time! Steve says that when I am gone, our dog, Cali, can give me that physical touch. We think Cali's love language is also physical touch. Still...I think not!

The book really is neat, and I think that a lot of couples should read it, especially if you speak different love languages. This all started with the shoe situation. Steve was REALLY upset that I didn't put the shoes away, and you know why? His love language is acts of service. The fact that I wasn't putting the shoes away meant that I wasn't showing my love for him.

You will all be happy to know that my shoes have been organized ever since!


  1. Joanna - I recently found your blog and am enjoying reading past entries. I am amazed by our similarities. I, too, am married to an airline pilot, have two young children, work part-time, am a penny pincher, and am tall. (With some of those details being more important than others!) And my husband I had a discussion last night about love languages (I've been meaning to read the official book). I look forward to reading more about your perspective on all these things. Thanks for blogging!


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