Life's most memorable moments over the phone

This post dawned on me yesterday.

As I mentioned before, we are house hunting. Right now we are in the process of negotiating a purchase price on a house (more to report on that later if the offer goes through). We got word yesterday morning that our first offer was rejected, which is not uncommon when it comes to banks. I called Steve to tell him the news. He was literally 10 minutes from shutting the cabin door, so I knew we wouldn't have time to think of a new offer price. He told me he would call me when he landed, which was about three hours later.

I got an email from our realtor not 20 minutes later telling me that there is now another offer on the property, and that we had to give our highest and best. How on earth was I going to come up with OUR highest and best, when the other half of "our" was totally out of reach 30,000+ feet in the sky?! I made the executive decision, gave the realtor MY highest and best...and said a little prayer that Steve wouldn't be pissed at me.

For the record, he wasn't.

This leads me to the other times in our life that I had to deliver life's most memorable news via phone.

I told Steve I was pregnant with our first child over the phone. Yes, we were trying, and yes he knew it was a possibility. But, he didn't know I was going to take a test that day. I had to take a test that day since I knew I was getting together that night with girlfriends for drinks. I needed to know if I was going to be drinking water or margaritas.

So, around 11:30am on a Friday I called him and said "I am pregnant". In most cases after saying those words, a couple would hug and cry and take the moment all in. Not us. We just had to relish the moment over the phone, while I sat in my car and he sat in a hotel room somewhere.

That was the start of my pregnancy with Ben. Now, for the ending...I was 37 weeks (three weeks before my due date) and I woke up on a Sunday morning with contractions. Steve was in Puerto Rico and my family was up to visit that weekend, thank God! I called him when he landed in the states; it was 12:31pm. I tracked that flight like crazy! When I called his cell phone and he answered I said "Steve, I am having contractions". He thought I was kidding at first, but he soon realized that there was no joking about it.

Steve called his chief pilot, who was awesome, got on the next flight home, pulled into our driveway at 5pm, and we left for the hospital at 7pm. Steve was there when Ben entered this world.

Come to think of it, I probably told Steve over the phone that my grandmother died. She had a stroke on a Saturday, and he was home so we both went to the hospital . But he left for a trip a couple days later, knowing that she wasn't going to make it. He got home for the showing and the funeral.

I will never forget driving home from my grandmother's house, right after she died. Steve and I were on the phone together. We weren't saying anything, but just being connected to him gave me comfort for some reason. I would have rather had him by my side, but the phone was all we could do, and it was good enough.

I am sure there will be plenty more times in the future that I have to deliver life's most memorable moments over the phone...this is just all part of the lifestyle.