sleeping alone

As I have mentioned many times before, we are buying a new house. Our new master bedroom is quite nice and spacious. Here is a picture of the room (albeit very dark), as it is now. And keep in mind this is really just half the room, so it really is quite large...and you know this room will have a major transformation with flooring and paint before we move in.

Now, here is a picture of our current bedroom, courtesy of our MLS listing:

As you can see, there is quite a difference in space.

So, what are we going to do with all this space? Get a KING sized bed!!!!

I was mentioning this to my girlfriends during my usual Friday night "margarita night" and everyone responsed with "but, you will never touch Steve". next blog post!

Here is the thing about having a traveling husband...we are used to sleeping separate so the size of the bed isn't a big deal to us. As a matter of fact, I think a king size bed would actually make things a bit better for us. You see, when he gets home from a trip it actually takes a night to get adjusted back to sleeping together. In our current bed we are close enough to feel each toss and turn. In a king bed we would be far enough to not notice, so we may not have that night adjustment to deal with.

I say all this now, and watch me eat my words in the next couple months, especially since my love language is physical touch!