today is the day

Despite the possibility of having a delayed closing, we signed all the papers last night and we are getting the keys to the hew house today, on schedule!

Due to Steve's work schedule we originally had a meeting scheduled last Friday to sign the papers, but pushed it off to yesterday. Steve's flight got in at 3:30p and our appointment was at 5:30p. Thankfully he wasn't delayed, well he did have to take a "pee test" which took about 45 minutes, but he still made it on time.

So, let the fun begin. Painting starts on Monday. In the meantime we will be doing little things here and there, like rearranging cabinets in the kitchen, taking down towel bars, ect.

Just for fun, here are some pictures of the house, as is (yes...we have A LOT of work ahead of us).

Our sinking back porch. At first a contractor thought it would be a $7-$9k repair, but after really looking at it we are going to try a *fix* that will cost $1-$2k. If the fix doesn't work, we will just demo the whole thing and add a stamped cement patio.

the view from the inside of the porch...I really hope the *fix* works because it really is lovely:

the backyard, which has creek that runs through it. I bet Ben and his cousins are going to have a blast finding frogs, turtles, ect back there!

the family room, which we will have professionally painted...I can't dare to think about getting on a ladder to paint those ceilings!

gotta love the blue toilet seat and blue walls in the main bathroom!

some kitchen pictures:

the powder room...look how dirty the house is!

the dining room with the lovely clouds!