Our house has been on the market for a couple of months now.  Last week we had a second showing, and the feedback was positive.  My fingers are crossed that we get an offer from these buyers. 

In my head I think "so, what if our realtor calls me and says we have an offer coming in...but, Steve is on his way to Panama City...what will I do?"  Wouldn't it be cool if I get in touch with crew scheduling (if that is who I would call) and have them send him a message to his plane.  I think I could, and some little message would print out for him.  What a nice little surprise.  But, since I am thinking of it, it won't happen. 

When we bought our new house, I was rushed to give our highest and best by myself since Steve was in flight.  After this happened we had the conversation that I could have a message sent to him, but it would have just made him worry since he couldn't get back to me.  So, when it comes to these messages, it would be best to have them done when they don't require a response.  So, I would make the message say "we got an offer!  I will call you at your hotel at 4:30pm with the details."

Since Steve usually flies domestic I can talk to him on his cell phone.  But, tonight he is international.  I normally don't know his hotels, but I printed out his schedule and now know all the info just in case I have to get in touch with him.  It is always best to be prepared.