Bermuda Triangle

There is a Bermuda Triangle that exists in the 737 cockpit.  Remember when I got Steve some new sunglasses?  Since they weren't cheap I made sure to get a nice case so they could handle being tossed around in his flight case.

About a month ago, Steve told me he lost the case.  I guess his pattern, as the passengers are boarding, is to take the glasses out of the case and put them in his shirt pocket.  Then he places the case...somewhere.  Well, as they were flying out from Panama City, Steve realized he didn't have the case.  He and the CA looked and looked but couldn't find it.  Steve sort of wrote it off, and thought a gate agent possibly walked off with it while he was busy with paperwork.  Really, how many places can a bulky case hide in such a small space?  Things goes on.

Well, Steve just called me and told me he lost it AGAIN!  Again, he and the CA looked and looked and nothing.  They were leaving from CUN, so maybe it was the gate agent thing again?  Maybe not?  Are international gate agents untrustworthy?  Who the heck knows.  But, all I have to say is #1 I am glad that he isn't losing his glasses and #2 now, I firmly believe that there is a Bermuda triangle in the cockpit where things magically disappear...

As a side, his next case will have a clip on it so that he can hang it up and not misplace it again.