Yes, even I can be a bitch sometimes

I think that most people would consider me to be a nice person.  Rarely do people see a bad side of me...but last week it happened.

Steve got home from a 4-day last week...boy, was he not expecting to come home to what I had in store for him.  Yes, even I can be a bitch sometimes.  And Steve got a full taste of it.

I would imagine that he was tired and couldn't wait to change out of his polyester glory and just relax.  His trip was rather easy and he flew with one of his favorite CA, but home is home.  He always looks forward to coming home.

Poor guy walked into the house after being gone for days, and I was not my cheerful self.  It was nothing he was all about me.  I was having some issues at work, my emotions were out of whack, you women can understand,  and CC was onto this whining jag that was just wearing on me...for about 4 days straight.   I even had a beer or two pretty much each night Steve was gone to take the edge off.

When Steve was gone he didn't really get that I was all pissy, I don't think.  I texted him a couple of "calgon, take me away" messages.  But, we never really got into details of what was going on.  Again, he was with one of his favorite CAs, so time was spent working or hanging out watching basketball and eating, not talking all that much to me.  Which is fine, by the way.  I like when he has fun trips.

Pretty much the second he got home he got a bad vibe from me.  CC was down when he got home, so he changed out of his uniform and then hung out with Ben and then put him to bed.  I was just pissy.  He knew it, but didn't say anything.  Wise man.  At one point he just kissed me and said "I missed you."  It was the perfect way to say a lot without speaking a lot, if that makes sense.

Eventually I got over myself.  My attitude did a 180 and things were happy again.  All is right in the world again.

I have blogged before about him being pissy when he gets home, but I have never mentioned anything about me being pissy.  Really, it doesn't happen all that often.  Usually when Steve gets home from a trip, he walks into a happy house.  But, no one can be bright and cheery all the time. 

So, if you are a pilot and reading time you walk into your house and see your wife is all pissy: give her a kiss, tell her you missed her, hand her a glass of wine or a beer, and then give her the rest of the night off. 

Flowers would be a nice touch too, if you have the sense before you get home.

We have bad days too.  And yes, having you gone a lot can add to the problem, so sometimes we want to blame you.  But, just do as I mentioned, and soon enough the world will be good again.


  1. I've been there too. It's amazing how that kiss and an "I missed you" can make it feel better. :)


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