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In the last couple of days there have been news about some scary flights on Southwest and United Airlines, and so now there is a buzz about commercial airline travel.

The morning radio talk show asked for people to call in with their stories about scary flights, which is my inspiration for this post.  What is your most scary flight?

Sure, I have had some bad flights.  Remember the couple next to me trying to enter the mile high club?  As much as that was my most uncomfortable flight, EVER, it was certainly not the most scary.

The most scared I have ever been on a flight was going into MDW on a B737.  I had a window seat probably around row 10 or so.  We were under 10,000 feet since the blue sterile cockpit light was on.  I think there were a lot of turns with the approach.  I was fine with that.  Then, all of the sudden, I swear the plane dropped what seems like a hundred feet.  We lost altitude, and then you could hear the engines power up to get back to where we were.  Everyone in the plane took notice.  Some people screamed.  I grabbed onto my arm rest as tightly as I could. 

The plane landed safely.  We were all safe and sound.  When I called Steve and told him about it he sort of blew me off, in typical fashion.  He usually hedges about plane questions, especially when I am the one asking them.  He didn't give me a direct answer, but probably said something like "well, it happens sometimes." 

It wasn't until I talked to his pilot friend, where he told he it was probably wind sheer.  For some reason, having an answer, even if it may not have been true, made me feel better.

So, what is your most scary flight?


  1. Back in college I flew on a flight with Steve and his instructor. Scariest flight IN MY LIFE! :-)


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