People know $hit, but think they know everything.

On our descent into MCO, I ended up sitting next to Ben.  Anyone who has flown before knows there is a lot of activity before landing.  The plane descends, we turn here and there to get lined up with the runway, the landing gear is lowered, ect.

During this time, Ben was asking questions and I was answering them, as best as I could.

At one point, while still in the air, we were turning here and there.  Behind us was a gal who was telling her kid that we are "circling, because it is a lot easier to circle around then going out and coming back again."  I didn't know any better, but I didn't quite think we were circling.  Ben asked me if we were circling, and I told him "I am not sure what the pilots are doing up there." 

At another point, the landing gear came down.  I immediately told Ben what was happening. You see, he has a book where the landing gear comes down, and he loves that part, so I made sure he was aware of it.  The gal behind us told her kid that sound was the "motor."

Because my thoughts differed from this woman I asked Steve about the circling.  His response "we weren't circling. She doesn't know what she is talking about."  In terms of the "motor", it was the landing gear.  She knew $hit, with all due respect.

Remember this post for a while back: do you know why you are talking to?  This is sort of along the same lines.  I think, as a mother, sometimes it is totally okay to tell your child "I don't know" rather then spread ignorance.  I don't know why little things like this get under my skin...but they do.