Digging for something

It happened again ---- yes I am still married.  See these rings?

We had a couple birthday parties to attend the other day.  I was solo with the kids since Steve was working.  I was chatting it up with someone, and I could totally tell they were digging about why Steve wasn't there.  My response was "oh, he is working" and left it at that. 

Just because I don't come with my spouse to events doesn't mean we are having problems with our marriage...he is just working.  I wear my heart on my sleeve, so if, in fact, we were having issues I probably would have volunteered the truth.

Steve is often times reluctant to come to things...and the older he gets the worst it gets - I have heard this happens to all pilots - and I will prevent this from happening as much as I can... but he still comes to things because he knows it is the right thing to do.  And if he isn't there, it is because he is working.  Period.  

He has missed weddings, reunions, parties...all because of working.  Period.  I guess I will just let people think what they want to think.  I am secure in my relationship.  Steve and I know where we are, and that is happily married.  Life is good...we are good. Period.

I just hate that people are quick to assume things when Steve is absent.  Oh well...I guess this is just part of the lifestyle...


  1. One of my friends still thinks I made up my Pilot...and she won't get to meet him until our wedding...THIS weekend!! :)

  2. I think that people love drama and so when they see even the slightest chance that there maybe drama they latch on. I get it too from some odd people. My favorite is: "aren't you worried when he spends so much time away from you" like he is off cheating or something. Please, 1st of all he is not a cheater and 2nd of all who is he going to cheat on me with the oil rig workers? I hate our good men being shoved into the stereotype that is so far fetched. I am with you just blow it off and know what you know and that is that you guys are ok even if others try to poke holes in something that they know nothing about.

  3. People are definitely too quick to jump to conclusions. I think that most people just make assumptions that everyone has weekends off and it's not like that for pilots at all. Their schedules change each month, they work holidays and birthdays... it's not something in our control. Oh well, you just have to grin and bear it. ;) {then hold up your hand and point to your rings ha}


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