sunglasses update

Remember when I got Steve some new sunglasses?

Well, Steve no longer has them. 

He left them in the cockpit, of course on accident, and they have yet to reappear.  He lost them over a week ago, so they still may turn up.  He isn't counting on it.

On countless occasions, Steve has found sunglasses in the cockpit.  He will do what he needs to do and actually track down the pilot that lost them.  The sunglasses will eventually end up in the pilot's V-file.  One pilot actually gave Steve a giftcard to show his appreciation.  

As for Steve's lost sunglasses, I am sure they are now in the hands of some lucky thief soul.  Maybe that person is a pilot, maybe that person is part of the cleaning crew.  Who knows.  All I can say is "do unto others."  Lost sunglasses happen, but be a good person and return the pair to their rightful owner.  Sunglasses aren't cheap.  Steve's pair were Oakley, and were around $130 or $150.  Those guys are above the clouds and can spend countless hours facing a strong sun.  Good glasses are a must, and one part of the uniform that shouldn't be spared.  Steve can't go without sunglasses, no matter what time of the year it may be.

Ironically, Steve has a giftcard for Sunglass Hut to get a new pair.  He received the giftcard from his parents for his birthday in November.  Steve told me a while back that his sunglasses were a bit too dark for the cockpit.  He said there would be times where he actually had to take off his sunglasses to do paperwork.  When he told this to me, I figured a new pair for the cockpit would be great. 

Steve has shopped around for a new pair, and will probably get them soon.  I hope his other pair turn up eventually.  Maybe he won't wear them in the cockpit, but they are good sport glasses and he would surely be able to wear them outside of work. 

And with this new pair, maybe we will engrave his name and employee number all over them.  Or better yet, we will put a tracking beacon on them...