stinky, ew!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that Steve has run a couple marathons. 



Steve may run another marathon, maybe just another 1/2 some point...either way, he has been running again.  I know the main reason he runs is to keep fit and healthy, and to still fit in those 34" work that he can tease all the flight attendants with his tight ass.

So, what does this have to do with being a pilot wife? 

I do the laundry.

Steve runs while on the road.

Get it, yet?

...once he unloads his suitcase, it is NOT pretty!

Here is a typical timeline:
- while on the road, which are typically 4-day trips, he will run 1-2 times.  I take that back, I don't actually keep a log of his running, but I do know that I have to deal with 1-2 sweaty bundles of shirts/shorts/underarmor/socks. Maybe he wears each bundle twice?  Either way...two bundles are the end result.
- when he gets home from a trip, it isn't uncommon for him to keep those stinky bundles in his bag for another 3 days...until he has to empty it out for the next trip.   I don't fault him for that - the last thing he wants to do after a trip is unpack.  When he comes home, he changes out of his uniform and forgets about the last 4 days.

Yes, those are paint cans...our handyman is coming this week to finish up 
painting the skylight wells in our bathroom. 

So, what does all this equal when I finally get into the hamper to start laundry?!  Big time stink!


The motivation for this post, aside from constant laundry reminder, was actually these:
all sort of lovelies in these pictures:  the bowl under my fingertips is Ben's experiment.  
He is testing what will happen when you put a rock in water.  
No, I am not joking.  The kid has to learn things somehow.

If you immediately know what these are, you spend too much time in a hotel room. Just sayin'

They are coffee bags for hotel coffee makers.

Steve uses them to keep his running shoes smelling a cup of coffee.  Hey, it works for him.  I suggested dryer sheets, but he has found that coffee really is the best option. I am sure that Nike makes some sort of device to keep gym bags fresh, but I would imagine that Steve would rather stay on the resourceful, convenient track.  So, if you ever run into a pilot who has a faint smell of coffee beans to know he freshens clothing with hotel coffee bags.  I do have to add, that the scent of coffee is FAR better than that crappy Marriott Orange Ginger shit!


So, how does one remedy this whole stinky laundry situation? 

His running shorts are black, so I just wash them in hot, his shorts don't take the brunt of the work so they aren't so bad.  But all his other running gear is in the bleach load they go!  It does the trick every time.  Thank the good Lord! 

If you do the laundry of a pilot who works out on the road, you know what it is like to sort laundry and unearth a smell that is just stinky, ew...and how thankful one is for bleach.  Now, I just need invent a bag that Steve can pack that keeps contents smelling linen fresh all trip long...


  1. As someone who does marathons but also washes her pilot's clothes, this post cracked me up. The coffee!! I'd suggest he take a plastic bag with a dyer sheet in it. Then he can stick his running clothes in the bag so it doesn't "contaminate" the rest of his roller board. Also, I use Tide Sport for all of our sport clothes. It gets the funk out really well. :)

    1. Tide sport? I will have to check it out!

  2. The coffee bag trick is actually an old airline throwback. The FAs used to hang one of those coffee bag/filters in the lavs to absorb the odors. I actually know one FA who was being berated by a pax about not having a fresh pot of coffee ready, so he pulled the bag out of the lav and brewed it for that pax. Nice, huh?

    1. That is awesome! I bet the pax bragged about how his bitching got him what he wanted. He got a WHOLE lot of what he deserved.


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