Hey Baby, I'm an Airline Pilot & Lonely Pilot

I clearly recall Steve's trip before Thanksgiving last year.  He flew with "Joe" and boy did I get lots and lots of venting about Joe when he got home!  

I have actually blogged about Joe on two separate occasions, since Steve likes him THAT much.  The first time I blogged about him it was Hey Baby, I'm an Airline Pilot.  I posted this in January 2011.  Here is that post:

Steve and I went on a date on Thursday. It was wonderful! We went to a local Thai restaurant. Really, it was just great!

As we were eating we talked about the Captain that Steve just flew with. For the visual picture a man in his late 40's, average looks, and slicked back dark hair. Typical looking guy - nothing remarkable about him. Nothing bad necessarily, just an average Joe kind of guy. He told Steve, at one point, that he only dates women in their 20's.

Was he telling the truth? No reason to believe otherwise. But, we sort of pieced together that his pick up lines must include his occupation. Hey baby, I'm an airline pilot.

Does a woman find an airline pilot attractive? Is that really a useful pick up line? If it is true that he really only dates women in their 20's, then something in his come-ons must be working.

And just for the record, even though Steve did pick me up from a bar, he didn't use the "hey baby, I'm an pilot" pickup. It wasn't until we started talking more that I found out he was a pilot...you know, typical get-to-know-you type questions. He was flying corporate at the time, and since I knew so little (and I mean almost nothing) about the aviation industry I didn't think he was a real pilot. I only thought real pilots are airline pilots with the blazer and the hat walking through terminals at the airports...boy, was I ever wrong!

As a matter of fact, Steve actually goes out of his way to not mention his occupation to people. If directly asked, he will directly answer. But, he usually will just say the company name, and if pushed he will say pilot. He is just not one to flaunt his job.

Now, said CA sure does flaunt his job around. A lot apparently. I wish him all the best, I really do...and hey, if he is on a personal crusade to fulfill every doing-it-with-a-pilot fantasy out their, then good for him!

So, the above was the first taste I got of Joe.  The next time Steve flew with him, last Thanksgiving, must have really grated on Steve because he couldn't stop venting about him.  The sensitive side of my actually felt for Joe.  As much as Steve was annoyed at his actions, I couldn't help but think of The Lonely Pilot.  Here is that post:

Steve came home from his last trip on the eve of Thanksgiving. Dark had fallen. The house was clean, pizza was just delivered, Mariachi Beef, my favorite!, cold beer was in the fridge, there was a fire in the fireplace, and the kids and I sported huge grins when we met Daddy at the door. We had college friends coming in for the night, and we were hosting both families the next day for Thanksgiving dinner. Anticipation, family, friends and love filled the home.

Steve's Captain went home to a much different house...an empty one, I assume.

Do you recall the blog post "Hey Baby, I'm an Airline Pilot" ... this is the same guy. What was I calling the guy, Joe? Ok, let's go with Joe. Remember that Joe is probably late 40's and divorced with high-school aged kids. Steve said he overheard Joe calling a local restaurant to preorder some dinners for his kids, who were visiting the day after Thanksgiving. Breaks my heart. Really it does. Apparently Steve didn't get along too well with Joe, so he didn't have as much sympathy for him as I did. But still, holidays are best spent with family...not alone. Well, I guess Joe has a girlfriend, but not much was mentioned about her. So, maybe she is more of a 'sometimes' in his life, not an 'always'. Maybe she WAS at his house when he got there...

And this brings me to the lonely pilot. Being an airline pilot can be a lonely job. Imagine: walking on the beautiful beaches of Cabo...the waves crashing like thunder...warm sun...beautiful scenery...and you are all alone...you wish that your wife was there with you. This is the truth of when Steve is in these beautiful and tropical destinations. Or maybe it is just his way of trying to make me feel better about the shitty weather back at home.

Remember this picture:

Steve sent it to me from...Hawaii was it? The message went something like "wish you were here." Life is better shared with someone, I fully believe. No matter where you are, or what you are doing, life is better with someone...a special someone. So, when Steve is off to these amazing places, alone, it can get to him. But, he has someone to come home to, times three. I am sure that can keep him going at times.

And Joe? What did he go home to? A dark house. A quiet house...until Fox News came on the boob tube. I image there be no warmth in his home...people provide warmth. I feel for him. I did suggest that Steve invite Joe to our Thanksgiving, and his response was something to the effect of "oh hell no. I don't feel that badly for him." Did I already mention that they don't get along too well? I could go on about the multitude of stories that Steve shared about this guy...but that is for another post.

I will say it again: life is better with someone...a special someone. And every time Steve tells me about a CA that is divorced, it breaks my heart. And the same goes for FOs. I usually greet Steve at the door when he comes home. Maybe the kids are still up and provide extra smiles and hugs. I usually have some food ready for him. The house is lit and it is warm, in these cold and dark months. And then the night may end with appropriate welcome home activities, if you catch my drift. Sleeping next to someone is so much better than sleeping next to...no one. I couldn't imagine coming home from a trip to an empty home. No one to greet you. No one to hug. No lights turned on. Yet another cold bed to climb into...

I hope that Joe finds someone. Or maybe Joe doesn't want to find anyone. Maybe Joe wants to come home to a quiet house. Maybe Joe was burned by his ex so much so that he swears off women forever. Who the hell knows. I just hope Joe is happy. I wish happiness for everyone, in whatever form it may come.

I figured that since we are back to Thanksgiving again, I would post these two stories.  Be thankful for all that you have in your life. Don't focus on what you don't have, but rather focus on the things you DO have to be thankful for.  For Christmas this year we are "adopting" a family to donate gifts.  The 7 month old wants "a warm blanket."  Think about that...this is something that we take for granted, yet this is something that is a gift for someone else.  Seeing those words "a warm blanket" put a lot of perspective in me, and I hope it does you as well.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Thank you for reminding us all what we have to be thankful for, today and everyday!
    I recently asked my boyfriend if he missed me on his last trip. He replied, "a great deal... when I was doing the walk-around it was raining and freezing and all I wanted was to come home to you and feel warm and loved."
    Definitely made me smile, and made me want to create a warm welcoming space for him! Makes a big difference. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

    1. ah, that is very sweet. Being on the road is very lonely...I could only imagine. We did have a great Thanksgiving, and I hope the same for you!


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