Remember way back when, when I blogged about the awesome new sunglasses that I got Steve for a gift? 

And then remember when Steve left said sunglasses in the cockpit after a flight...never to be seen again?

Well folks, Steve got a new pair of sunglasses, and he is one happy guy.  He ended up getting another pair of Oakley.  This time he got the Flak Jacket XLJ.

Steve isn't always the happiest to pose for blog pictures, but Ben was happy to! 

Steve is very satisfied with these glasses.  He tried on a number of brands and ultimately decided on these for the sport factor, as well as the comfort factor.  He runs while on the road, so he wanted something that he could wear for a trans-con and then go out running.  These sunglasses fit the bill.

The old pair he had, the Whisker, were comfortable, however the lens was a bit too dark at times in the cockpit.  He was careful, this time around, to get something that wasn't too dark. Ultimately he wanted the brown/brown combo, but it only came in a polarized lens.

These glasses also come with a really great case.  It is molded inside to really protect the glasses, so they should withstand being banged around in the flight case.  The lenses are also changeable, so he can easily get new lenses if they scratch or break, or simply just for a new look.

Let's hope he keeps this pair around for a good long while...